Being a better media junkie

So I’ve already posted about trendspottr; I love how it surfaces trending tweets about particular topics. It’s not perfect, but the throwaway nature of twitter means that it doesn’t have to be. And it’s helped me discover a lot of interesting stuff, quickly – I surf less, and know more. I’ve been using trendspottr withContinue reading “Being a better media junkie”

foursquare – Like twitter, but Useful :)

foursquare launched their API yesterday (Mashable, Techcrunch). With it, developers can: identify what city the user is in read/write user and friends’ check-in data look up information for a particular location make/send friend requests retrieve venue data perform a local search that includes information from your friends’ check-ins add venues, tips, and to-dos This enablesContinue reading “foursquare – Like twitter, but Useful :)”