Watching Your iPhone Work to Protect You from Covid-19

Much has been written about the Apple + Google Covid-19 Exposure Notification framework. This is the software that is now part of Android and iOS (13.5+) and powers Covid-19 detection apps for Android and iPhone like COVID Alert (much of Canada), COVIDWISE (Virginia) and dozens of other jurisdictions around the world . I’m in OntarioContinue reading “Watching Your iPhone Work to Protect You from Covid-19”

Effectively change the hosts file of your iPhone, iPad or Android with ettercap

Based on “Test web apps on iOS by DNS spoofing your LAN with Ettercap” by Henrique Barosso. Modified to work on a Mac running OS X. To access a website or service that uses a virtual host but isn’t in DNS, you need to add it to the hosts file of the machine you’re usingContinue reading “Effectively change the hosts file of your iPhone, iPad or Android with ettercap”

Location 2012

Robert Scoble had a great post yesterday about how location-based services will integrate to automatically provide you with help and useful information as you move around. He got a lot of it right, but my main concerns are with his beliefs that: users are smart and motivated enough to figure this out, and don’t mindContinue reading “Location 2012”