Identity crisis.

Google+ triggered an online identity crisis. Here’s how I’d been managing my online identity since leaving Yahoo. is the domain I use for all of my personal stuff (tumblr and personal email) josephby at is the email address I use for my personal identity, including email and calendaring with Google Apps josephby at isContinue reading “Identity crisis.”

Youtube gets down to business.

It’s incredibly difficult to create a product that both delights customers and generates revenue. As a result, the usual way to build a digital media business is to first create something that users love and then, months or years later, find a way to really monetize it. Youtube followed this model for years. It nowContinue reading “Youtube gets down to business.”


Today’s Wall Street Journal includes a great article on the cold war between Google and Microsoft (subscription required). The author looks at why Microsoft is launching a free, online-only version of Office, and why Google is responding in part by launching its own OS. He believes that “neither Google nor Microsoft really have an interestContinue reading “Deterrence”