A/B testing for the statistically inclined

Another of my clients is about embark on another round of A/B testing, so I thought I’d post some of my favorite A/B testing resources, summarizing each as a single rule: Why you should always set your sample size (n) in advance: In How Not to Run an A/B Test @evmill makes the case for always fixingContinue reading “A/B testing for the statistically inclined”

web2expo – A/B testing and user research

Just finished with web 2.0 expo (SF). The conference was not well attended, probably the result of bad timing (right after SXSW) and a name that was AWESOME in 2007. That said, here are two of my favorite presentations. There were others, but the presenters haven’t posted the slides. 1. Cindy Alvarez, “But How AmContinue reading “web2expo – A/B testing and user research”