Privacy, Trust and Identity

Privacy, Trust and Identity are now at the forefront for all consumers, and have wide-ranging impact on technology and media businesses. From tech companies, expect lobbying actions, new tools, new policies and more personal control to rebuild users’ confidence, and from the policy world expect more guidelines around use of personal data and stricter repercussionsContinue reading “Privacy, Trust and Identity”

Dog loses airline – now THAT’s a story!

I think I would just ignore, it is local news doing a story on a lost dog. Their entire government is shut down and about to default and this is how the US media spends its time. An Air Canada rep unintentionally candid response to a questions about a lost show dog from a reporterContinue reading “Dog loses airline – now THAT’s a story!”

Dude, Where’s My Car?

“With a massive database of one BILLION vehicle sightings and the addition of up to 50 million new sightings each month, Vehicle Sightings provide valuable information for both locating subjects and investigating the historical whereabouts of both individuals and vehicles,” advertises TLO, a data broker that caters to lawyers, private investigators, law enforcement and insuranceContinue reading “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Tutorspree Blog: How Google is Killing Organic Search

tutorblog: Google won search by providing the best organic results users had ever seen. Ever since then, organic has been fading from the SERPS, losing ground to revenue generating Google products. 13% That’s the amount of real estate given to true organic results in a search for “auto mechanic” when… Tutorspree Blog: How Google isContinue reading “Tutorspree Blog: How Google is Killing Organic Search”

The Gong Show: Product vs Marketing Dollars Trade-offs

thegongshow: According to a quick scan of financial history in Google, Tesla has raised roughly $1.8BN in a combination of equity and debt over the past 4 years. The vast majority has gone to R&D, Manufacturing, Capex, etc… In that same time frame Ford has spent roughly $16BN on Ads and Marketing. That’s an… TheContinue reading “The Gong Show: Product vs Marketing Dollars Trade-offs”