Snapchat and Compulsion Loops

As someone who’s now Older Than Dirt, in internet years, I’ve really had no reason to use Snapchat. So I really didn’t know what all the fuss was about until I read this post from Sean Haufler. I’d encourage you to read the full post, but here’s what jumped out: “Snapchat’s time limits make snapsContinue reading “Snapchat and Compulsion Loops”

Tech Philosophy: The Google Tax

techphilosophy: Two days ago I came across this: Orange ‘forces Google’ to pay for mobile traffic. Clearly Orange has no idea how the internet works and what’s their involvement in it. The ISP is just a dumb pipe to connect the user to a server, nothing more. If their users are using too much bandwidthContinue reading “Tech Philosophy: The Google Tax”

Sanity Checking your Metrics – Follow the Money

Most of my engagements start with a metrics and reporting review; one of these days I’ll write a long post on how to do it properly. In the meantime, here’s my take on Google’s post describing 5 Ways To Ensure Google Analytics Is Running Perfectly ; I’ve re-ordered things slightly. FOLLOW THE MONEY! If you’re like mostContinue reading “Sanity Checking your Metrics – Follow the Money”

Continuations: The Return of the Capital Intensive Startup

continuations: This post is a bit more thinking out loud than usual but I am grappling with what I perceive to be a big change in the startup landscape. Here are some of its symptoms: the return of TV, print and subway ads for Internet companies; Uber subsidizing their drivers to prop up NY supply;Continue reading “Continuations: The Return of the Capital Intensive Startup”

Subscriptions Versus Ads

[T]here’s a dark lining to Facebook’s mobile triumph. The company is transitioning to a business, mobile advertising, that just isn’t very good, yet. Just last week, Google announced that mobile clicks were dragging down the average value of their ads. This was a harsh reality check. On a desktop, clicking a Google ad is worthContinue reading “Subscriptions Versus Ads”