Tutorspree Blog: How Google is Killing Organic Search

tutorblog: Google won search by providing the best organic results users had ever seen. Ever since then, organic has been fading from the SERPS, losing ground to revenue generating Google products. 13% That’s the amount of real estate given to true organic results in a search for “auto mechanic" when… Tutorspree Blog: How Google isContinue reading “Tutorspree Blog: How Google is Killing Organic Search”

The Gong Show: Product vs Marketing Dollars Trade-offs

thegongshow: According to a quick scan of financial history in Google, Tesla has raised roughly $1.8BN in a combination of equity and debt over the past 4 years. The vast majority has gone to R&D, Manufacturing, Capex, etc… In that same time frame Ford has spent roughly $16BN on Ads and Marketing. That’s an… TheContinue reading “The Gong Show: Product vs Marketing Dollars Trade-offs”

SaaS, Software & Startups: Productivity hacks of a startup dad

I don’t think you have to be a parent to appreciate this. sahilparikh: sahilparikh-blog: “Live for today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is unknown.” – Anonymous I have a two year old daughter and a startup. Over the last couple of years I have come to value a balanced life. Most startup stories wouldContinue reading “SaaS, Software & Startups: Productivity hacks of a startup dad”

The more you learn the less you know

Being “up to date” beyond a certain point – that is, being aware of all of the latest tweets, news stories, stock quotes, etcetera – can actually hurt one’s understanding of the universe. This is partially explained by the lingering impact of misinformation. In trying to get a story first, publishers – whether old-line media orContinue reading “The more you learn the less you know”

A software license touches on the software, not on the human relationships which the software mediates. It is those relationships that lock us into positions where Zuckerberg’s foot is on our necks. The Eternal Mainframe, Rudolf Winestock