10 Ways to Create a Billion Dollar Media Brand

Write snappy headlines that include no information. Link those headlines to a four-hundred word article which, if properly edited, would be two sentences long. Make people who try to read your website on a mobile phone dismiss a request to install your App. Every. Damn. Time. Include multiple, paid links beside every article. Do notContinue reading “10 Ways to Create a Billion Dollar Media Brand”

Is the open internet dead?

I was fortunate enough to get online in the mid-90’s. I wrote some terrible software to configure Dial Up Networking in Windows 3.1, and then sold it to a local ISP for years of free access. At that point, consumers were rapidly adopting what I’ll call “open” technologies, including email, forums (USENET), messaging (IRC) and file transferContinue reading “Is the open internet dead?”

Privacy, Trust and Identity are now at the forefront for all consumers, and have wide-ranging impact on technology and media businesses. From tech companies, expect lobbying actions, new tools, new policies and more personal control to rebuild users’ confidence, and from the policy world expect more guidelines around use of personal data and stricter repercussionsContinue reading

Dog loses airline – now THAT’s a story!

I think I would just ignore, it is local news doing a story on a lost dog. Their entire government is shut down and about to default and this is how the US media spends its time. An Air Canada rep unintentionally candid response to a questions about a lost show dog from a reporterContinue reading “Dog loses airline – now THAT’s a story!”

Continuations: Wattpad’s Fanfunding Experiment

continuations: I have written a lot about the challenges of charging for content as digital content production and distribution has skyrocketed. The fundamental problem from here on out is that the supply of content far outstrips the demand which means that at the margin the price for content will be zero…. I commend Wattpad forContinue reading “Continuations: Wattpad’s Fanfunding Experiment”

Following the money at Bixi Toronto

Help me understand the Bixi Toronto service model. This isn’t meant as a criticism of bike sharing; I like the idea, and am happy to subsidize it. I’m just annoyed with what seems to be the opaque way that it’s funded. Let me see if I have this right: the City of Toronto, like other cities,Continue reading “Following the money at Bixi Toronto”