The Economist launched a new version of their homepage a couple weeks ago. Their designers had an interesting challenge – taking a premium, text heavy weekly and making it work on a web obsessed with the visual, social, and real-time. They loosened the paywall, added more daily content updates, and moved the site away fromContinue reading “ redesign”

Pivot. Communicate.

It’s been a long week. Starbucks finally announced my main project. I’ve been juggling calls with both India and California, taking care of the dog-in-law, and not sleeping much. We’re building a new kind of web UI on top of a lot of complicated technology platforms (location detection, a content management system, etc.). It’s aContinue reading “Pivot. Communicate.”

Location 2012

Robert Scoble had a great post yesterday about how location-based services will integrate to automatically provide you with help and useful information as you move around. He got a lot of it right, but my main concerns are with his beliefs that: users are smart and motivated enough to figure this out, and don’t mindContinue reading “Location 2012”

Mendoza Line

Mendoza line. The figurative boundary in the batting averages between those batters hitting above and below .215. It is named for shortstop Mario Mendoza whose career (1974-1982) batting average for the Pirates, Mariners and Rangers was .215. The figurative boundary in the batting averages between those batters hitting above and below .200. “When a strugglingContinue reading “Mendoza Line”

My Parents’ New York City

To my parents, New York is – or at least was – a dirty, crowded, and dangerous place. They like to tell stories about their trip there as newlyweds in the early 70’s. We returned there twice as a family, although I never quite understood why. It was a tough place to take a suburbanContinue reading “My Parents’ New York City”

Check-ins are a hack.

Now that the f8 keynote has passed, everyone is wondering why Facebook didn’t launch a check-in feature. The reality is that check-ins are just a hack — a workaround for the fact that smart phones are still pretty dumb when it comes to location — at least in terms of the features that App developersContinue reading “Check-ins are a hack.”

Health Care Reform Passed. Now What?

The bill just signed into law, is, at best a first step in solving the U.S. health care crisis. Rather than solving the problem of rising health care costs, it seems to commit the U.S. government to having to solve the problem without actually laying out how costs will be cut. Larry Smith does aContinue reading “Health Care Reform Passed. Now What?”