Don’t be a slave to the backlog.

I’ve been spending a lot of time helping one client with their 2011 Product Roadmap. Although we’re not “doing Agile,” I’ve introduced them to the product backlog. So far it’s been a powerful planning tool. So Scott Sehlhorst’s post on how to prioritize resonated with me. When creating a backlog, or managing features, you needContinue reading “Don’t be a slave to the backlog.”

Does the world need product managers anymore?

Programmers write code, QA specialists (really just a specialized kind of programmer) make sure that it works, designers create flows, layouts, copy and graphics, and sales people sell. Sure, someone needs to keep an eye on costs and revenues, and manage the business – but that’s not what most product managers do. So do weContinue reading “Does the world need product managers anymore?”

There is no greater pleasure than the absence of pain, but…

…there’s more to building a great product than just addressing pain points. Pain points make for good features, but passion makes for good (and hopefully great) products. flickr helped people who loved photos showcase their photos; twitter helps people follow things they care about. Here’s a good post from TechCrunch on how not all products need toContinue reading “There is no greater pleasure than the absence of pain, but…”

But will they keep playing Gershwin?

From my perspective, United Airlines had two things going for it: membership in Star Alliance, and that lovely arrangement of Rhapsody in Blue that they play as you board. Things got better when they aligned themselves with US Airways (America West, re-branded). I had received consistently good service from America West, and that seems toContinue reading “But will they keep playing Gershwin?”