👋 Hi! I’m Joseph!

I dream up, design, build and market technology products like file storage apps or natural language systems. I really love building and leading teams to figure out nice technology solutions to hard problems, and then make a lot of money. I’ve coached and worked for and with startups in and around Waterloo, Canada 🇨🇦. I’ve also worked for big tech companies like Yahoo and Microsoft.

My superpower is bringing people together to ship beautiful tech based on data.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time working on data platforms, machine learning, and low code or no code development tools. I’ve also been exploring applications for AI in some of the dustier corners of finance and banking – like building better tools for high-net worth families, helping people invest in commercial real estate, or coming up with better ways to build and rent homes to people while turning a profit.

But who are you really? Well, I’m a husband, dad and the human who takes care of Cali 🐕. I’m fascinated by design, networks, computers, politics, and how people communicate. I sometimes tweet too much and write too little — although I’m trying to change the latter. I have a love/hate relationship with cars, statistics (the discipline), and college football (Michigan). I’ve lived in a bunch of places, but mostly Canada and California. I run a little, read a lot, and try to be a good human.

The easiest way to get in touch with me is on twitter at @josephby. DMs are open. If you’d like to have a longer conversation, or want to speak confidentially, DM me on twitter and I’ll send you my number on Signal . And if you’re keen on bland corporate-speak, or want to see my resume, you can find me on LinkedIn.