10 Ways to Create a Billion Dollar Media Brand

  1. Write snappy headlines that include no information. Link those headlines to a four-hundred word article which, if properly edited, would be two sentences long.
  2. Make people who try to read your website on a mobile phone dismiss a request to install your App. Every. Damn. Time.
  3. Include multiple, paid links beside every article. Do not label them as “paid”. Better yet, apply a misleading label like “Articles Recommended for You.”
  4. Write lots of top-N lists and implement them with slide shows.
  5. Hijack the “Copy” function of the web browser so that anyone who tries to quote a single line of the article will paste in twenty lines of garbage.
  6. Share buttons. Everywhere!
  7. “Syndicate” your posts so that “marketers” can re-use them in their “content marketing” efforts.
  8. Create articles that consist of nothing but twitter conversations and snappy commentary. Report on said conversations as though they were news.
  9. Be outrageous. Failing that, be outraged. Failing that, be snarky.
  10. Ensure good search engine placement by making the URL of each article more/informative-than-the-headline-or-body.

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