Being a better media junkie

So I’ve already posted about trendspottr; I love how it surfaces trending tweets about particular topics. It’s not perfect, but the throwaway nature of twitter means that it doesn’t have to be. And it’s helped me discover a lot of interesting stuff, quickly – I surf less, and know more.

I’ve been using trendspottr with HootSuite for a couple weeks now, but I just had my “chocolate in my peanut butter” moment. Mark (one of trendspottr’s founders) told me that I could setup multiple trendspottr streams that track topics I’m interested, right in HootSuite. So I now follow a few topics I care about (advertising, programming, design); and I can check in once or twice a day, see what’s going on, read a couple things, retweet the interesting bits, and go back to Creating Value. Retweeted links are magically tracked with HootSuite’s link shortener, which let’s me see if anyone is listening. Brilliant! Internet fame and fortune is around the corner, I know it!

Seriously, great work.

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