Identity crisis.

Beenie Man "Who Am I" Cover

Google+ triggered an online identity crisis. Here’s how I’d been managing my online identity since leaving Yahoo.

  • is the domain I use for all of my personal stuff (tumblr and personal email)
  • josephby at is the email address I use for my personal identity, including email and calendaring with Google Apps
  • josephby at is my work identity, used for company email and other work logins
  • josephby at is my legacy Google account, used for Google Talk

This all worked well enough until Google launched Google+ without support for custom domains; at that point I found myself constantly switching between my two personal Google accounts for “personal” stuff.

When Google+ launched I figured I’d use my personal Google Apps account with it. Except that Google+ didn’t support Apps accounts. So a bunch of people added me as josephby at making things worse.

I now realize that my mistake was conflating a clever email address with my online identity. I already established an “identity” within Google. Once I registered the domain I should have just setup an MX record to forward mail to my existing personal gmail account.

I learned that you can be as clever as you like with vanity domains, but don’t let them screw up your online identities.

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