web2expo – A/B testing and user research

Just finished with web 2.0 expo (SF). The conference was not well attended, probably the result of bad timing (right after SXSW) and a name that was AWESOME in 2007. That said, here are two of my favorite presentations. There were others, but the presenters haven’t posted the slides.

1. Cindy Alvarez, “But How Am I Doing Compared to Other Companies?

If you do any A/B testing, conversion optimization, or direct-response online advertising then you will find this useful. Cindy includes lots of information on what eCommerce, SaaS, Ad Supported and Daily Deal sites typically see for CTR and Conversion rates.

2. Laura Klein, “Who do I talk to now?

A very useful presentation that introduces you to the tools, techniques, and tricks for quick, easy, and cheap user testing. This was a great way for me to learn about the myriad of cheap online tools available for qualitative user research. A great way to get feedback on an idea or online product.

I also really enjoyed Di-Ann Eisnor’s talk on Real-Time’s Impact on Place, but she hasn’t posted the slides. Here’s a video of a similar talk she gave at SXSW.

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