Dear Facebook: You are either evil or dumb. You broke our deal.

I could accept you pushing me to make things public, and share my information with developers. Why? Because I could control what you said to whom. My Facebook profile was still my own. I could pick my friends, group them, and determine who saw what.

It was a decent bargain: you gave me a friction-free way to keep in touch with my friends and I gave you some data that you could use to target me discreetly.

You just broke that bargain. And not only with me, but with my parents and friends who won’t even know it. They won’t understand that when they convert their Likes, Interests, Education and Work information it will all become public. And they will get burned. This is the new malware.

Sic transit, baby.

How to Delete Facebook Applications – and Why you Should – from ReadWriteWeb.

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