Joe’s Rules of Product Management

Something to blog about

After nearly four years at Yahoo! I finally feel like I have something to blog about.

One of the best things about my job is that I get to learn from some of the best minds on the internet. Periodically, something that I learn resonates so deeply, or describes my situation so precisely that I can’t help but print it in 30 point font and hang it on the wall of my cube. This happens very rarely – about once a year. But these rules inevitably make me a better product manager, and – more importantly – make my job more fun. So I thought I’d blog about them over the next few weeks as the mood strikes me. Some of these may seem simple, or pedantic – and that’s by design. It’s meant to make sense to the casual observer. I’ll try and include links to more detailed resources in each of my posts.

Joseph's Office

Before I begin…

A great primer on technology product management is Marty Cagan’s book Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love. Marty also blogs on the silicon valley product group website.

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